KLINGER AG Egliswil Company

Klinger Egliswil

Your Expert for High-Temperature Gasket Laminates and Ruber Coated Steel

Klinger AG Egliswil, a company of the KLINGER Group was established in 1980. Ever since it is the groups competence center for high temperature gasket materials made of flexible graphite and mica, as well as for rubber coated steel. 
Our materials are in service at many leading companies of our key markets. Refineries, chemical plants, power plants, tankers and many other industrial sites on all continents rely on the quality of our sealing materials every day. 

Millions of cars and trucks are equipped with seals and brake shims made of KLINGER Polystrat. 
They seal fluids and gases on board and they ensure that disk brakes do their job silently and without vibrations.