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Klinger hot compression test equipment

The KLINGER hot compression test machines for gasket materials are known as a worldwide standard and were manufactured in the following versions:

Modell 120 200 kN Presskraft
Modell 150 500 kN Presskraft
Modell 1000 1000 kN Presskraft

The features of our test equipment are:
- Deformation of materials as function of stress, temperature and time
- Cycling of load
- Simulation of spring rates
- Testing of gaskets according to DIN 28090 and EN 13555
- Gas leakage measurements at temperatures up to 450 °C

It was necessary to upgrade the software part (Windows XP compatible). In a joint effort with Amtec the old Klinger software was replaced by Amtec’s program TEMES fl.ai1. We have tested such a modified hot compression test machine and can confirm that the new software meets our expectations.
If you want to upgrade your test machine, the attachment gives you an overview of options (various modules available).

We want to inform you also that with immediate effect Klinger AG Egliswil will no longer maintain our hot compression test machines. Please contact


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